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Our second full-length album. Released 2018.

"Thinking ahead of my top 10 releases of 2018: this one will be in it, there is no doubt in my mind about that. From slow intros to climaxes, singalongs, breakdowns, solos, techy bits and extreme riffage, this album has it all. Eleven out of ten."
Shout Louder

"Human in name, gods in musical terms. The best album I have heard for a long time."
Metal Nexus

"An intelligent album that will make you think as well as dance and sing your heart out."
The Punk Archive

"Riotous and immediate at every turn, this is punk rock with something extra. Extra guts, extra passion, extra talent. Relevant and captivating, The Human Project have pulled this from the top drawer. Get this listened to."
Alt Dialogue

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